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Primary school & borehole construction

Posted by francis pobee on July 19, 2010 at 9:28 AM




Kwesitwikrom community lack primary school.The community have a population of 240 pupils,these are made up of primary one up to primary six.They are children who also attends school in the community yet the community do not have a school building to accomodate them.

In Kwesitwikrom classes are being organized for the primary school pupils on the corridors of the only pre school constructed for the community by a non governamental organization called Plan Ghana.Some of the classes are also organized in a dilapidated structure whiles some of the pupils are sent to a church building.These are children between the ages of 6-12 years.This situation however makes teaching and learning very difficult because pupils in this case lack concentration.Whiles one teacher teaches in one classroom,pupils attention are distracted in another class thereby making very difficult for both teacher and pupils to concentrate on their lessosns.The primary school closes whenever the signs of the rain to fall since they are under the mercy of the weather.

This however is a source of worry to the entire community.Teachers posted to the school hardly stay to impact knowledge to the pupils.

The Kwesitwikrom community also faced with serious water problem when the main source of water do not function.The community have two main water points that draws water from Kwanyako Water Works.Occassionally the taps do not run and this situation poses a great worry to the entire community.They therefore resort to fetch water from a stream in the outskirt of the community or walk several miles away from the community to look for water.Almost the whole school pupils assist their parents to go for the water thereby classes are halted.

The project:

The project aims to provide conducive teaching and learning envitonment and the provision of portable water for Kwesitwikrom.This will consist of constructing a new six classroom block with an office,furniture and a borehole.

The Outcome:

Support for these facilities will ensure safe and cunducive environment that will improve enrolment levels and the teaching and learning quality.This will enhace academic performance and more importantly ensure that children's right to education is respected.

It will also ease the burden that children and their parents face when the taps do not flow.


To complete these projects in full,£50,000 is required.This investiment will give over 240 children each year access to decent primary school education coupled withe clean and safe water that will keep children healthy.

Project Location:

Kwesitwikrom community is located off Kasoa,Winneba read in the Central Region of Ghana.It lies at the North,East of Bawjiase with a population of about 2000 people,most of with are women and children.It is about 3 kilometers away from Kwannyako.The main occupation of the people is farming.They cultivate crops like maize,cassava,yam and vegetables using traditional farming methods.Average crop yield is low due to orthodox farming practices.Most of the produce are consumed and very little sold for the purchase of some basic needs or investment.Families in Amoanda usually live together in the same house and most often extended family members stays together with the nuclear family.

About 90% of the inhabitants are Christians while the remaining are either Moslems of Traditional worshippers.

Basic amenities of life are lacking in these communities,thus making living conditions in these communities very difficult.

Local Involvement and sustainability:

This project will be a collaborative effort between Kwesitwikrom community,District Assembly and Ghana Education Service.Their involvement and support of the wider community will help to ensure the sustainability of the project.

The main decision making bodies in the community are the traditional leaders and the Unit committee,Education issues are referred to the School Management Committees.Eleven community members have been selected to serve in the community development committee,whose role includes organizing and mobilizing the entire comminuty for project implementation and had had adequate training from non goveramental organization called Unita Fondazione Ghana.Parents adults have taken the decision to gather and collect local constructional materials such as sand and stones.women resorted to fetching water for the construction of the project and also provide unskilled lab our when required.The CDC will undertake a market survey and purchase the building materials if project is approved.The communites have also elected adults to serve on the SMC and Parents\Teacher Associations.SMC/PTA has areed to continue to lobby parents to ensure that all elibile children attend school and complete their education.In addition they will see to the on-going maintemamce of the school facilites upon completion of the project and will monitor the quality of teaching and learning in the schools.The Ghana Education Service is supporting the school with the recruitment of suitable teachers,paying their wages and agreeing to organize regular in service training programes,these teacher will ensure that the children take good care of the books and read them.The circuit supervisors will pay regular visits to the school to monitor and supervise effective teaching and learning and will share copies of their monitoring repòrts to Unita Fondazione of Ghana office.

The community and all its committees,the District Assembly,and the GES will work together to ensure the success of this project and achieve the common objective of improved quality of education for all children.

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