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The Primary school Construction

Report on Kwesitwikrom project for september 2010


Kwesitwikrom can be located with in Kwanyako sub - district on the branch road from Kwanyako off the maIN road from Swedru to Bawjiase. the community has 6 other communities surrounding it and a total population of about 2000. the communities include Asamoahkwaa,Suromanya,Nyasakyere,Bewadze,Otwakaa,Okotokwaa and other settlers communities.

the main problem with the community is the lack of primary school. the community however has a 3 class room block for the preschool. it was built with the assistance from a non governmental organisation, called Plan Ghana. in Ghana primary school is for the period of 6 years hence 6 class rooms-

due to lack of appropiate primary school structure in the community, the primary 1 to 3 share class rooms with the preschool making it over crouded and difficult for effecting teaching and learning to go on. the community also managed to put resourses together to put up a temporary structure for primary 4 to 6. again no meaningfull teaching and learning could go on here because concetration of the children are sometimes focused on people passing to farm and other activities. noise emanatiing from the other classes also distructs the childrens attention. 

Figure 1 Temporal structure serving primary 3 to 6.


New Primary school project.

last two years Kwesitwikrom community through Unita Foundazione Ghana International appealed for financial assistance for a new 6 classromm blockto serve the primary school in the community. the appeal went through.

The chiefs and the people of Kwesitwikrom were extremly happy when they realised their was help coming to them so that their children will also enjoy condusive learning enviroment.they are therefore providing communal labour to help complete the project on time. men dug the trenches,molded blocks,carried sand and stones to the project site while women carried the water and also blocks.

  Figure 2 Artisans cut and Tied iron rods for foundation pillars.

there is a construction technician contracted by unita Foundazione who has been visiting and supervising the project ensuring that the artisans where working according to the specification.

 Unita Foundazione officials are also monitoring ensuring there are materials always available to enable the project progress.

 Figure 3, men molding blocks for construction


 Figure 4 Foundation work on the primary school.






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