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Unita Foundazione Ghana  is always working to give support and help to those who truly need it, help us to help others by donating money here at our bank.

 Banca popolare dell’Emilia Romagna  Italy

IBAN  IT02L05387667B100000192977




Poste italiane  Spa   Italy 

Conto corrente

00000 3205025

Codice IBAN IT07V0760112900


Ghana Account.

Unita foundazione Ghana

accounts number 0150433050900

our Swift Code is SCBLGHAC

Our sort Code is 02600

the Bank address is

P.O BOX AB 343,

Meacham House,

Abeka-Accra Ghana.


We accept donations by check, wire, or online by credit card or PayPal (Donations can be accepted in the following currencies: US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Pounds Sterling, or Euro.(any  currency)


 We can make the world to be a better place for them. help and donate.





 More Ways to Give

 Child Essentials

Unita Foundazione's Child Essentials program, brings the basic necessities of life – like access to nutritious food, clean water, sanitation and health care – to children caught in extreme poverty who do not have sponsors.

 Planned and Major Gifts

A major gift to Unita Foundazione can take many forms. It can be a one-time charitable donation, a gift of stock, an endowment or a bequest.

You can select the form that best suits your lifestyle and personal giving goals.


Church Giving


Share the joy of being a Unita Foundazione supporter with your church family and help your congregation discover the rewarding experience of bringing hope to children and families in need around the world.

Corporate Giving

The brain. The wallet. The heart.

Many corporations, businesses, and brands have successfully figured out how to appeal to the first two, but appealing to the heart and encouraging a long-lasting meaningful relationship with a customer or employee is harder to do.

You can accomplish this by making a charitable donation to a non-profit organization like Unita Foundazione.

Employee Giving

You can suggest your company set up an employee giving program for non-profit organizations.

Many companies are unaware of the tax benefits of such a program. Plus, supporting the charitable donation priorities of employees improves staff morale.


Donate your second hand clothes and shoes,to help poor families in Ghana.

Vehicle Donation Program

Donate your used cars in the categories listed:

 cross-country vehicle,pickups,vans. This is due to the nature of our infrastructures (roads) etc since most of our programmes  are based in the rural areas.

 to help unita foundazione Ghana,And its volunterings operation.

Thanks  for the cooperation.

Hospital donations

Donate your fairly used  hospital equipments / logistics requirements to help the needed hospitals in Ghana, items required:

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